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Super Powered Video Calls

Imagine if Zoom was built for streamers. We did, and we're excited to share it with you.

Our tech was built for good connections. What does this mean for you?

  • HD by default (Up to 1080p 60fps for every caller)
  • <100ms latency coast to coast, <400ms SF to Tokyo
  • Best in class noise suppression
  • No quality throttling
  • Dedicated call embed URLs as browser sources in OBS
Example video call
Twitch stream powered by Round with direct capture

Look Good, Stay Focused

We know the pains of micro-adjusting an OBS overlay while live, just to have a 7th person join your call and throw the whole layout off. Want to attach custom nameplates to every participant? Forget it.

...what if you didn't have to do any of that?

Example video call
Example provided by Ironmouse and Sykkuno working with VShojo

Fully Customizable

From colors to headers to backgrounds to placeholders, we got you. Every room has a dashboard for customizing the layout to your liking, without ever having to leave the website

Want to do things your way in OBS? Unique URLs are generated for every member of the call that can be used in as browser sources, giving you full control

Example of video call in SeattleOBA
Example provided by SeattleOBA

Safety First

If it isn't safe, it isn't useful. We understand safety - we built Mod View for Twitch.

All Round users are authenticated by their Twitch, Youtube or Twitter accounts. You don't add a Round user to your room, you add a Twitch account or a Twitter handle.

Example video call

Early Access

Round is just getting started. The first line of code was written June 9th. To keep up with what we're building, check us out on Twitter and Discord

Created by T3 Tools

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